We enjoy helping clients who want to transform their southwestern structure into expressions of a modernist aesthetic within the feeling of old Santa Fe. Our designs reveal the potential for light and space revealing the connections between outside and inside, between elegance and practicality. Some of the houses are made of adobe, pumicecrete, strawbale, are in the urban environment of the Eastside Santa Fe, in the country, some are Santa Fe Style, Territorial Style, Vernacular, are renovations, additions, on hillsides, rural and urban. I am an award-winning house designer, home designer, and expert residential architect. In addition I am a certified historic architect in the State of New Mexico. We work in the contextually rich area of practice and work in Santa Fe.

Over 25 years of happy clients, happy in their projects in their projects and houses, knowing they got the best result possible. We transform, add to and create structures for living and working within the feeling of Old Santa Fe but with a modernist expression and functionality. We work at all levels of the construction process to help our clients get the best outcome so they feel great about their home.

We work with clients to help them design their dream homes, all within an energy efficient envelope including specifying high levels of insulation, rainwater harvesting and conservation and sharing knowledge of green building materials, and natural building techniques, available and valuable expertise. We are experts at design and use other experts when necessary including site planning and design, programming and creating the brief, documentation necessary to design and build efficiently. We consider our clients and consultants collaborators and love working with them and have for over 20 years in Santa Fe.