Renovating Your Historic Home?

Historic Cultural Properties Inventory Consultation
When considering renovating your historic home the Initial Consultation with Gayla Bechtol is the first step. Here is why…

  • Obtain a Historic Cultural Properties Inventory as required by the City of Santa Fe Historic Preservation Division for your Property before you buy, begin design, or move in.
  • Obtain a Status Review of your Property ($250)
  • Most surveys cost under $2000
  • Book your Free 25min phone call for a free quote and to schedule an initial opinion of the status of your property ($250).

The HCPI form and its varying costs can be confusing to property owners but its necessary when renovating (buying or moving into) a historic home. My expertise with the Santa Fe Historic Preservation Division and HCPI forms makes this experience smooth and easy for my clients. A short free 25 minute phone call will get you on the right path with your renovation. A site visit to obtain a Status Review of your Property is only $250.

You can book the call by clicking the button below or you can complete and email (or mail) me this form: Book Your HPCI Consultation

Choosing an architect isn’t easy.

You need the right architect who has the specific skill for your character home project and there is a right ‘fit’ between you and your architect.

This may or not be me!

In our experience the best way of finding out whether we are the right ‘fit’ is to fully understand what you are looking for; and this is achieved through our initial consultation session.

If for some reason we then discover that we are not an ideal ‘fit’ then you are free to take the report to another designer for them to continue the process.