Residential: Historic Renovation

This award-winning remodel honors the authentic hillside character of the Casa Roca, a Sante Fe Historic Preservation. Our goal was to preserve and enhance the natural beauty of this adobe and rock house, while updating it for modern daily life and eco-friendliness. All the doors and windows were restored or rebuilt to match the existing ones, which maintains the integrity of the space and harmony with the surrounding neighborhood. We incorporated most of the old beams, adobe walls, and rock fireplaces.

Collaborating with the homeowners, we sought to make every room tell a story that fits with the original charm of the home, while making it a comfortable space to live, connect, and socialize.

Along with preserving the spirit of the structure, we added energy efficient features: new insulation on the roof, insulated glass where possible, and high efficiency furnaces and appliances. Strategically placed skylights brighten the home (and mood!) with natural light. The re-designed front portal curves around the house for a welcoming feel, while an adobe wall offers privacy from the street.

Casa Roca is featured in Restoring Your Historic House: The Comprehensive Guide for Homeowners by Scott T. Hanson