TAOS Walking Map of Historical Architectural Styles



Taos contains a number of national and state landmarks testimonial to the rich and complex cultural history of Taos. It also contains many different styles of architecture; beginning with the Taos Pueblo (Classical, pre-1275, and Pueblo IV Period, 1275-1598) believed to be constructed around 1350 through the subsequent Pueblo V and Spanish Colonial Period, 1598-1848, then Hispanic / New Mexican Vernacular Style popular locally from 1780-1910; the Territorial Style, 1846-1912, the Folk Territorial (Folk Victorian) Style, 1880- 1910, followed by the Spanish Pueblo Revival (1908 to present) and Territorial Revival (1945 to the present). Other historic styles include the Bungalow/Craftsman Style (1907-1930) and Mission Revival Style(1899-1930).

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