Celebrating 10 Years of the Santa Fe Railyard


Celebrating 10 Years of the Santa Fe Railyard

They say time goes by in the blink of an eye, and as the years go by this statement rings more and more true for me. 2018 marked the 10 year anniversary of the grand opening of the Santa Fe Railyard – a project that was and continues to be so near and dear to my heart – and I can’t help but feel a little shocked at how quickly a decade has gone by.

For those reading who aren’t familiar with The Railyard and its history, this project was certainly the first example of a truly successful, democratic community design project in Santa Fe. I like to believe it has set the tone for what a community design project can and should be, and we have certainly gained recognition for it over the years.

When the Railyard opened in 2008, it was the result of years of hard work and participation from passionate community organizers and leaders, as well as talented architects as part of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) R/UDAT program. I feel so proud to have played a role in such a monumental project, particularly when I see that the space continues to be used in so many creative ways by our vibrant Santa Fe community 10 years after its grand opening.

As an architect, I know full well that it is never easy to get things built, particularly when you’re working with a historical building (not to mention competing voices and many moving parts). I see it on a smaller scale whenever I work with clients on the preservation and transformation of Santa Fe’s historical Adobe-style homes. But when the result is something as beautiful and transformative as the Railyard, I can’t help but feel inspired all over again for the things I get to do.

To celebrate the space’s 10th anniversary, the Community Design Exchange has put together a fantastic video sharing the story of the Railyard’s history and development over the last few decades. You can watch it below. I hope it brings you a similar sense of joy when it comes to what our community is able to accomplish with the right tools, leadership and heart.



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