2 Awards to Gayla Bechtol Architect for Historic Santa Fe Renovation and Addition


Santa Fe architect Gayla Bechtol’s highly successful renovation and addition to a historic Acequia Madre property has won 2 awards:

The City of Santa Fe’s 2016 “Architectural Preservation Award”

The New Mexico Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) “Distinguished Architecture Award – Special Recognition”

A recent article in the Santa Fe New Mexican states: “The jury felt that specific recognition was due to a unique project that maybe did not fit that standard description of Distinguished Architecture,” said the award materials. “The interventions and additions in this renovation are consistent with the original architecture vocabulary and the jury commends the design team for its sensitivity. This is a place the jury imagined themselves spending some quiet time in. This is a special recognition for historic renovation.”

It was like solving all these little puzzles and that’s what these old houses require.


Read the full article here pages 36-37


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