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3 months ago

Introducing The Rabbit Bend Cabin

I like to think that all creatives have a handful of projects that we tend to keep a little closer to our hearts, for whatever reason. The Rabbit Bend Cabin is one ... See more

6 months ago

The Power of Coming Together

In my last post, I touched briefly on the R/UDAT program, an initiative that allowed me and other fellow architects to plan the Santa Fe Railyard development, which ... See more

6 months ago
Photos from Santa Fe Architect - Gayla Bechtol Architects's post

Santa Fe Dream Home with views under construction!
Great site, great builders!

6 months ago

Santa Fe Rail-yard featured in 20|20 Visions book

It is always such a delight when your hard work gets recognized— even more so when it is work that you are so fantastically proud of.

Link to the ... See more

6 months ago


They say time goes by in the blink of an eye, and as the years go by this statement rings more and more true for me. 2018 marked the 10 year anniversary ... See more

7 months ago
Harvey to be a Turning Point for Equitable Transit-Oriented Development in Houston | OffCite Blog

Community and Neighborhood engagement was a priority.

The urban ambitions of our government leaders — so easy to dismiss in the past as nice words with no budget — may get a serious infusion of funds because of Harvey. The Texas delegation that ... See more

10 months ago
Interview with Rosanne Haggerty

A leader in addressing our nation’s homeless problem, Rosanne Haggerty founded a housing-development nonprofit that took an interdisciplinary approach to building affordable and supportive ... See more

10 months ago

Grateful to see the results! ❤️

11 months ago
Why Is the Homebuilding Industry Stuck in the 1940s?

Lots to talk about at the Housing Panel Saturday at Form and Concept Gallery...

Embrace pre-fabricated, adaptable homes! Growing inequity, out-of-reach housing prices, and the speed of innovation in energy efficiency and technology demand it.

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