Immerse yourself in Santa Fe’s History & Future with ARCHITECTURE Santa Fe: A Guidebook


ARCHITECTURE Santa Fe: A Guidebook

It’s hard to walk through Santa Fe without being enchanted by the city’s signature style of buildings. If you’ve ever felt this way, you will find Paul Weideman’s ARCHITECTURE Santa Fe: A Guidebook to be a treasure.

When he asked me to write the foreword to this book, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Paul is a cherished friend who has served as the go-to source on Santa Fe’s rich cultural heritage and the importance of preservation.

On December 17th, Paul spoke to a sold-out crowd as he introduced the book at a book signing and reading event! The book is a must-read for local residents and visitors alike.



Paul is adept at illustrating Santa Fe’s architectural history, while asking meaningful questions and exploring possibilities for the future. The chronological photos help us remember how important the city’s continued preservation is. Paul acknowledges how the community, in the midst of varying perspectives, has risen up on occasion to honor its past and ensure a vibrant future.

This book details the scores of architects and builders who have contributed their unique touches to this city. It also describes the variety of influences that have forged Santa Fe over time. We get to see how our city has become what it is.

Purchase the book at, or

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The book is also available at El Zaguan
Historic Santa Fe Foundation, 545 Canyon Road

Please pick up a copy, so we can keep the discourse going on our beautiful city and how it’s evolving.



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